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“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." – Red Adair, American Oil Well Fire Fighter 


Linda Cordial has successfully staffed hundreds of companies with employees since the mid-’90s.  Her leadership and determination towards ultimate client satisfaction have given Search Partners a reputation that stands at the top.  

In order to recruit impact players, you need to know who they are and where to find them. Linda goes beyond the desk, the phone, and internet to become part of your industry through direct involvement; trade show participation, client site visits, association membership, attending meetings, and networking events. 


She is a study of technology and has a keen understanding of how process machinery and robotics work on a production line.  There are only a few recruiters that truly understand what your equipment does and the talent required to grow your business.




Bill Whitmer

Regional Sales Manager, Acromag

Cathy (Peterson) Henesey

 Talent Acquisition Leader, Ingersoll Rand​

Casey Bieri

Human Resources,


What a breath of fresh air!  So great to work with a Recruiter who truly understands our industry, is honest, straight forward, and fair.  Love working with Linda!

Bill Whitmer

Regional Sales Manager,


Many recruiters are looking to check off a couple of buzzwords from their list and push the applicant through hoping they “stick”. Linda asks the right questions and digs deeper. I recommend Linda to any of my colleagues who are considering a career change.

Cathey Henesey

Leader, Talent Acquisition,

 Ingersoll Rand

Linda has been a consistent provider of candidates. She is very quality-oriented and will only submit candidates that fit the skill sets as well as have the right motivation to move to the next position. Her integrity and recruiting service is world-class. I would highly recommend her.

Phone: (317) 450-2152 |  Email:

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